NATURAL ORDER will help you turn chaos into comfort!

HOME ORGANIZATION SERVICES – You will enjoy locating things when you need them and feel at peace in your home.  My focus is to help you declutter and organize so you may create the living space you desire.   I will help you decide what to keep and what to let go; and assist you with resources for their release.  We'll assign “homes” for your items, arrange them attractively and have them easily available so you can grab-and-go.  We'll create systems that work for you so you can maintain and sustain your newly created order. 

OFFICE ORGANIZATION SERVICES - The systems we develop will be easy to maintain and allow you to enhance your productivity and creativity.  I will help you organize your office or workspace so you can feel like you are in control.  Wonder how long to keep papers?  You're covered!  We will create or tweak your paper and electronic file systems and I can help you with space utilization and workflow.

DOWNSIZING SERVICES - You will enjoy your next stage of life because we will simplify and organize for your new circumstances.  Making choices about what to keep and what to let go can be daunting.  I'll help you make these decisions with relative ease and clarity.  We’ll determine what will fit in your smaller space, stage your existing home and pre-pack items, if necessary, to achieve maximum sale potential.  We’ll arrange to donate or sell what you no longer need.  Once in your new home I can help you unpack, arrange and decorate so you're 
comfortable from the beginning.



Your Domain!

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