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Below are testimonials from satisfied clients about their improved quality of life and increased productivity thanks to their work with NATURAL ORDER: 

​"My recent experience working with Ellen while clearing out a townhouse in Princeton was fantastic and I highly recommend her services.  From our first phone contact, she had excellent suggestions and provided information promptly regarding movers, local charities, consignment stores, etc.  I was on a very tight timeline and could not have finished the job without her!  She can sort clothes, kitchenware, etc. and pack them before you get to the next item.  Although her availability was limited within my timeframe (understandably, as she is very competent), it worked out perfectly as I had to make a lot of decisions before and between her visits to make the best use of our time together.  If you're feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand, contact Ellen and help will be on the way!"       Nancy,  San Francisco CA

"You made my week! It is so nice to work in this organized environment. You helped me so much with organizing my business computer areas.  I am routinely using your recommendations for tracking my tasks and feel an immense weight lifted in trying to remember things.  I will put you on my calendar to contact in three months to set up a maintenance visit."          Susan, Yardley PA

"I want to thank you again for a great session yesterday!  You are so organized yourself (you better be right?) and calm and that helped to have our time together go really well!  All the ideas were great and workable for me and my desk never looked better!"          Nancy, Robbinsville NJ

"Ellen was a tremendous help in getting my house in order--not only by coming up with great ideas for organization and storage but also by working side by side with me to get the job done.  I was always amazed at how much we were able to accomplish in  each session and how motivated I was afterwards. Ellen looked  at each room from my point of view and focused on organizing  around my priorities.  Now I don't have to ransack the house looking for things and everything is conveniently located in its area of use.  I really enjoy my house so much more now that it is so well arranged and excess items that I wasn't using have been discarded, donated or sold.  Thanks Ellen!"          S.W., West Windsor NJ 

"Ellen, I am so glad I made the call to have you come and work with me.  I love my "new" office space and kitchen and feel completely in charge of my bill paying, paperwork and filing system. You empowered me in more ways than you know!"        Terri, Ewing NJ

"Hi Ellen - I was clearing and organizing ... and thought of you and our work together. You can't image how present you are when I am rethinking a window treatment or cleaning out a drawer, wondering if I really need it, deciding how to give it away.  It's a very caring, warm and focused presence."       

       Eileen Sinett,  Speech Coach, Plainsboro NJ

"My work with Ellen has resulted in significant improvements to the efficiency of my office and to my bottom line.  As a solo health-care practitioner with a very part-time assistant, I wear many hats.  Ellen has been able to work with my process, in that I am mostly visual.  The continuous influx of new paperwork now has a place and an action plan to deal with it.  There's less clutter in the office and in my head, as Ellen has found a way to either get rid of it or consolidate it into an appropriate place that I can call upon in the future. 

The best thing though about Ellen is her CALM.  She's implacable and when asked to do something; she responds in the proverbial,"no problem" mode that's really results oriented. In other words, nothing is ever too much to handle or too small to do. She gets it done!!!!

If you're lucky enough to hire Ellen, you will find an intelligent, kind, respectful, caring human being who will do everything in her power to help you make your environment and life more friendly and productive.
Thank you Ellen!"       Ed Feldman, D.C., Kingston NJ

"It is always a joy to work with an individual who is skilled at what they do.  Ellen goes way beyond skill!  She is truly gifted!  Although I am an organized person, my home office was the one room that I couldn’t seem to make a dent in.  When I was able to overcome the sense of dread and force myself to enter, it would take hours to sort through the items that I had allowed to pile up on my desk and surrounding area.  I would feel good about the office for a few days and then the desk clutter cycle would start again.  

Before she began the organizing process, Ellen questioned me about my needs and work style.  And because she really listened and absorbed my circumstances, she helped me create an environment where I really enjoy spending time.  I am able to manage the systems she set up for me effortlessly and I am spending productive time in my office, because the items that I need are at my fingertips and the clutter is gone.  Thank you Ellen!"       Sharon, Yardley PA

"Now that we've concluded our last session with you, well done!  You've made a smallish apartment feel grand, classy, and svelte, and saved us from having to look for a new place just yet!  We love what our apartment looks like, and for me in particular, I love the living room!  The curtains and mantle are airy yet substantial -- a great effect."       Megan, Brooklyn NY

"Ellen was invaluable to me in setting up my home office.  Her strong organizational skills, combined with her artistic flair, created a space both functional and pleasing to the eye.  I am easily overwhelmed by clutter and open spaces are an invitation to start a new pile of papers.  Ellen devised filing systems (that really work!) and creatively used existing furniture to transform a room that was a hodge-podge into a charming and functional home office.  I never could have done it without her."        Polly, Princeton NJ

"I am grateful for the ORDER Ellen brought back into my life.  I run a successful company from my home, which requires a lot of time spent on planning and filing papers.  After a year of caring for my elderly parent, the paper mounds began to rise.  It seemed that instead of filing the papers, I piled the papers.  Before I knew it, I was inundated to the point of CHAOS.  Where once my office was a place of joy, it had become a place to avoid.

Working with Ellen was a great experience.  Everything I need on a daily basis is at my fingertips.  She created filing and storage systems, which help me stay ahead of the Paper Crunch.  Now that everything has a HOME, when I open my office door I feel calm inside."       Gail, East Windsor NJ

"One day I looked around at my house and saw it had become a disaster.  I'd always managed to keep things organized and clean, but somehow over the past year my system had failed.  At first I was a little embarrassed about having Ellen come in.  Why couldn't a grown woman take charge of her own life?  Ellen put me at ease immediately with her non-judgmental and professional manner.  She pointed out all the things I had done right, and got me to clarify the things that I felt needed to be changed.  Then she came up with creative solutions that made me feel part of the process.

First we tackled my home office.  The room had been a catch-all for things that belonged nowhere else in the house, and I had trouble finding the files I needed.  Ellen rearranged the furniture and files so that everything was handy.  When I enter my office now, I feel a sense of calm.  We have since moved on to every room of the house, and I am delighted with the results.

There are two major pluses in hiring Ellen: 1) most of the things she suggested did not involve major purchases and 2) Ellen has a keen decorating eye, which she applied along the way.  Not only is everything organized, but it looks fabulous, too!"       Nanette, Hawthorne NJ



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